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HUDY Waterproofing

Our Services
  1. Waterproofing
    We offer waterproofing rather than water control. A properly sealed basement will improve indoor air quality, prevent mold growth, reduce pests, and keep your foundation sitting on solid ground, which will help prevent settling and cracking of walls and floors.
  2. Excavation, Concrete and Egress Services
    We are experts at difficult and unique repair circumstances such as underpinning foundations, tunneling, and other hard to access leak points.
  3. Foundation Repair
    Seal cracks and pipe penetrations, repair and seal window wells, repair floors leaks, leak detection, bowed wall repair and replacement specialists - we properly repair your foundation to better than new at very competitive prices.
  4. Specialty Services
    Sump pump and crock repairs, lateral line repair and replacement, sewer separation, camera inspections/dye testing, and more
  5. Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation
    Proper vapor seal and good insulation will significantly improve the air quality of your entire home, reduce pests and improve structural integrity

Why hire us?

We only use quality certified products and installation methods

Value: our diagnostic approach and certified, professional repairs adds value and saves our customers significantly
We diagnose first then repair as needed, often times a leaky basement is the result of a broken or clogged pipe, leaky windows or other minor repairs needed
Our goal is to help solve the problem you are having with your home
Quick, efficient installations by experienced and trained workers

Free quotes from directly from the owner