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With over 30+ years experience, Hudy Waterproofing is a full service general contractor specializing in basement and commercial waterproofing, sewer jetting, and foundation repairs. Founder, Frank Hudy has been very involved with various associations, including the N.E. Ohio Building Officials Association, which develop and promote ethical standards of practice, proper building codes, and installation methods.

At Hudy Waterproofing, we uphold the highest standards in resolving the root cause of foundation issues vs. damage control.  There is a difference between waterproofing vs water control: Most basement contractors today don’t actually waterproof your foundation. Instead they engage in damp-proofing or install water control (or water management) systems inside the basement, then the collected water is discharged to the outside.  

Waterproofing is often confused with damp proofing. According the American Concrete Institute (ACI 515.1), waterproofing is the treatment of a surface or structure to resist the passage of water under hydrostatic pressure, whereas damp proofing is the treatment of a surface or structure to resist the passage of water in the absence of hydrostatic pressure. There are significant differences.
When ground water builds up within the soil around a foundation it causes pressure to be exerted on basement walls and floors, which can force water through cracks, joints, and other penetrations. Proper waterproofing will prevent these problems while damp proofing and water control will not.

Another misrepresentation is that interior systems are less expensive. Not true. Water control systems are much easier to install and can be done by labor with minimal skills.  Also, little equipment, material or time is required. Moreover, water control systems continue to allow moisture to enter through walls and floors leaving your property exposed to frost, erosion, decay, mold, radon, etc. The system simply hides the problem by covering up and diverting them from site.

Exterior Waterproofing is the only method recognized by the International Building Code as adequate to prevent damage caused by water intrusion.  Proper waterproofing from the outside is widely recognized by professionals, structural engineers, and building officials, as the best method to protect your property.  

In addition, we follow proper OSHA competent person’s guidelines, training and methods to ensure safety on every job.   Contact  Hudy Waterproofing today for a complete, professional analysis, and certified repair.